Law – Education – Empowerment

Empowered Law provides highly engaging, professional training about the laws affecting cryptocurrency and cryptoasset owners worldwide. We write books, articles, and speak at conferences and community events, all in an effort to educate as many people as possible about how these technologies impact the law and how the laws impact these technologies. We provide educational materials for two groups of people: (1) lawyers and legal professionals, including those supporting legal work, (2) individual owners of cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets who want to create an inheritance plan for their cryptoassets without trusting a third party or those who need help with estate administration. 

Lawyers & Legal Professionals

We teach lawyers and legal professionals what they really need to know about technologies like cryptocurrencies and open blockchains, because we ACTUALLY USE these technologies everyday. We don’t deliver typical boring CLE sessions, instead we use educational best practices and compelling interactive, memorable case studies that will leave you thinking “I can’t believe this actually happened and I’m so glad I understand it”. With curriculum designed by industry expert attorneys, and engagement strategies designed by professional educators, Empowered Law delivers accurate information, useable skills, and a clear understanding of how to apply what you’ve learned in your practice. 

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Everyone Else

We own cryptoassets and we like having control over them. We’d never trust a third party to hold keys to our bitcoin and we wouldn’t suggest you do that either. But we do have people we’d want to inherit our assets, if something happened to us. As lawyers, technologists, and educators with cryptoassets, we understand that in order for that to happen, we have to actually do something. We have to take action. Which is why Empowered Law teaches people how to create both the technical (or access) plans and the legal plans needed to make sure things happen the way you want them to and not how a court or a greedy family member wants them to.

We don’t tell you what to do with your assets, we teach you what you need to know about the technology and the law so that your wishes can be carried out, when the time comes, but not before.

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