What do you want to learn?

As lawyers and legal professionals, you want to learn what you need to know to serve clients who are using, investing, and building businesses with cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets. Not theory, not blue skies; you want practical, actionable information. You want to be able to quickly and efficiently identify and evaluate risks, discern the real from the hype. And most of all, you want to get the knowledge you need, in as little time as possible and get back to building your practice.

We understand and that’s what we aim to deliver in all of our articles and courses for lawyers.

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Why learn from us?

Empowered Law is a legal education company that provides highly engaging, professional training for lawyers, law students, and legal professionals worldwide. We are lawyers, technologists, and educators; we work with this technology everyday. Our courses teach lawyers what they really need to know about technologies like cryptocurrencies and open blockchains, using educational best practices and compelling interactive case-studies. With curriculum designed by industry expert attorneys, and engagement strategies designed by professional educators, lawyers leave with accurate information, useable skills, and a clear understanding of how to apply what they’ve learned to their practice. 

BONUS:  Many of our courses qualify for CLE credit in many jurisdictions.

Testimonials from attorneys who have attended Empowered Law courses:

“Clarity, amongst all the hype.” 

“Infectious enthusiasm for the subject matter with a deep technical understanding made for an excellent workshop.”

“Energetic, and thought provoking”

“Outstanding practical content. The hands-on format of the workshop was really helpful and Pamela was really great at the audience participating and thinking about the issues.”

What can you learn from us?

Courses and Workshops

Bitcoin, Open Blockchain, and Smart Contract Essentials: this half-day workshop provides the technological foundation to serve clients in these emerging areas.

Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning: this one hour workshop teaches estate planning professionals the nuances of including cryptoassets in a clients existing estate plan.

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Books & Articles

While the book, Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning: a simple guide for owners, isn’t specifically written for lawyers. It’s proven to be a great resource to help lawyers understand topic from an owner’s perspective.

We are in the process of writing a book specifically for estate planning lawyers. And another specifically for heirs.

You may also be interested in this article about Proof of Existence, using the bitcoin blockchain to timestamp a document.

Other Training & Article Topics Include:

    • Digital currency basics: bitcoin, blockchain, and asset-token technologies
    • Understanding what blockchains can and cannot do
    • Smart contract basics including how they’re being used today
    • Key management techniques
    • Discovery, custody and control issues, and strategies for securing digital assets
    • Digital currency escrow (without custody or control)
    • Alternative dispute resolution for digital currencies
    • Strategies for managing client funds held in digital currencies
    • Mixed currency governance and treasury
    • Accepting digital currencies for your services
    • Estate planning and survivability of digital currency assets

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Past workshops and events

Private classes and workshops

We will deliver private workshops, customized for your learning objectives and goals. These sessions are planned at least two months in advance and require on-site delivery. During these classes, we work to maximize value, providing need-to-know information in short, engaging, memorable sessions that range from one hour to multi-day, depending on your goals. Please contact us to discuss options.

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