Inheritance Planning for Cryptocurrencies and Cryptoassets Workshop

Primary Audience: Owners of Cryptocurrencies and Cryptoassets

If you own #cryptocurrencies like #bitcoin, #ethererum (ether), and haven’t started inheritance planning for them, then this workshop is for you. In the workshop I walk you through how to begin building your own customized plan. Its got short focused exercises that allow you to clarify your goals and by the end of the workshop, you’ll have a written document that will help your heirs locate your cryptocurrencies when the time is right (but not before). This workshop is NOT about trusting a lawyer or a third party to take care of your assets for you. It’s about building a plan, for your loved ones, your way.

The workshop also includes a FREE ebook copy of my book, Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning, and comes with a 14 day money back no questions asked guarantee. No risk, all reward!

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