Providing Financial Freedom and Control to Co-Ops and Small Orgs through Bitcoin’s Multi-Sig Tech

Pamela’s newest article on Democratizing Financial Control using Bitcoin’s Multi-Sig Technology: It discusses how a 7-of-12 multi-signature address can empower women in co-ops to bypass cultural and social challenges. Although this specific use case is highlighted, any organization with 15 or fewer members can utilize the same technology and benefits. #InternationalWomensDay #MakeItHappen

Default Law: Arial 11 isn’t your only option

Download a PDF of this article here:  Default Law: Arial 11 isn’t your only option Default Law: Arial 11 isn’t your only option by Pamela Morgan, Esq. Decentralized currencies and contracts have created exciting new opportunities for entrepreneurs. But what is the legal context for these new ventures? Many entrepreneurs avoid considering legal context because

Multi-Signature Account Operating Manual

Download “Bitcoin Multi-Signature Account Operating Manual” as a PDF By Pamela Morgan, Empowered Law   Bitcoin Multi-Signature Account Operating Manual Empowered Law offers a full-service multi-signature corporate governance program which includes consultation, set-up, process design, testing, operations manuals, and ongoing support as well as secure key storage and third-party signer services. We open source our