Letter to Loved Ones: a template for your first cryptoasset inheritance plan

Most people have never thought about what will happen to their bitcoin, ether, and other crypto-assets if something bad happens to them. Even if you do understand the concept of passing your crypto-assets to your loved ones, actually doing the work to make it happen is often a daunting prospect. It’s one of those tasks,

Empowering Women: Financial Freedom and Control in Bitcoin’s Multi-Signature Technology

This article was originally posted March 8th, 2015. Written by Pamela Morgan, published through the Digital Currency Counsel website. Several studies show that cooperative organizations empowerwomen in the developing world, especially in farming, textiles and crafts. While the structure of a co-op can bring women together, they often face significant legal and cultural barriers preventing them from exercising independent control of the co-op’s

Cryptoasset Basics for Lawyers

In this video webinar, Pamela teaches estate planning professionals the basics of planning for cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets like bitcoin, ether, and cryptokitties. Visit the events page to learn about upcoming training sessions in your area. Learn more by reading her book: Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning 

Letter to Loved Ones in Spanish

Esta plantilla es un pasaje del libro, Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning por Pamela Morgan de Empowered Law. Es gratuita para su uso personal pero usos comerciales requieren una licencia del autor. El uso de esta plantilla no garantiza que sus seres queridos pueden acceder a sus activos, sin embargo, es una excelente manera de comenzar a